CNC Press Brake

For projects requiring more than profiling, ASA Fabs Ltd offers those all-important secondary operations. We can take care of all your folding requirements by utilising our 50 ton and 100 ton CNC press brakes.

CNC press brake bending and forming metal parts.

Press Brake Capabilities

Utilising our brake press for bending and forming, we have the following capabilities:

  • Bend up to 3m with up to 100 ton pressure
  • Wide range of metals
  • Thickness depends on length – please enquire
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Amada Digipro being used.

Benefits of Using a CNC Press Brake

Press brakes are essential pieces of equipment, helping fabricators to create formed components like brackets, channels, enclosures, ductwork, and other custom shapes. CNC press brakes offer:

  • Greater automation
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Less material waste
  • Complex and accurate forming

How Does a CNC Press Brake Work?

A CNC (computer numerical controlled) press brake is an automated piece of machinery designed to bend, fold and shape sheet metal into a multitude of profiles and designs. As with CNC Laser Cutting, information is entered into a computer containing precise details about the part you want to make, including lengths, angles and other measurements. Following these instructions, the metal sheet is forced into shape between one fixed element (called a die) and another piece applying the pressure. There are a number of tools available for both the fixed and moving elements, to help achieve the desired result.

Our highly skilled press brake operators take account of the design, material and any springback to ensure the quality and consistency of your components. At ASA, we have a wealth of experience giving you the confidence that your folded parts will be right first time, every time.

Amada HFE 100-3 press brake machine

Our Press Brake Machines

Our state-of-the-art equipment offers quality, repeatable bending and folding to your specific requirements. We use the following press brake machines at our facility in Stoke-on-Trent:

  • Amada HFE3i – 2m, 50 ton
  • Amada HFE – 3m, 100 ton

We also have a huge range of press brake dies and tools to choose from. If your job requires something different, let us know and we can either order a new tool or create one ourselves.

Expanding the range of what CAD software can achieve, our SheetWorks software integrates Amada sheet-metal and bending knowledge into a powerful SolidWorks environment to easily create 3D parts and empower the sheet-metal modelling features.

What You Can Expect from ASA Fabs

We work with a range of industries, from other manufacturing companies to local councils, on projects of all sizes. We can offer flexibility, in terms of turnaround times and project specifications, not available from larger metal fabricators.

From your initial enquiry to when your products are delivered, we are on hand to ensure we achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and product quality. Find out more about us and our manufacturing process.

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